But it looks like I already did

I just want to rant

I gurantee you if I said this on twitter my followers would tell me to stop complaining or would be annoyed with me

I’m so apologetic, it’s sickening

Why can’t I ever be right man…I don’t understand

I’ve lived my whole life being wrong and dangnabbit I’m tired of it :’(

I can never truly express everything to you because I feel like it’ll be turned on me

No one seems to understand

I’m better off turning my phone off this weekend…this week in general might as well

This is the only place I can rant to without causing drama

I wish you would put in some dang effort…..

I know if my mom didn’t have my dad, she’d abuse the fuck out of me..

I don’t want to lose you now…

Why won’t my heart settle down

Please Lord God please help me…

I need to go to church today….

I blame my parents for my inability to socialize.

I know not all of the blame can’t go to them, but hear out my reasoning:

1) they never let my go out. Only with family, my boyfriend, and one other friend. This is not saying much.

…wow, I thought I’d have more reasons than that.

Being homebound most of the time gets boring. I’m so used to not talking to anyone because I can’t even fully express myself in my own house. I’m too loud, obnoxious, and all-around ill-mannered.

The thought of this is depressing because when I’m out with David and his friends or even my own freaking extended family, I can’t even hold a conversation…let alone start one. I’m so shy, it’s ridiculous.

This is literally bringing tears to my eyes because I can’t even be myself in my own house. I rarely have friends. The people who are my friends….well…ugh…

This will be so cliche of me, but I feel like no one will ever understand….

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